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I'm Surien Fourie.

A creative adventurer and artist from Manitoba, that had a dream to live an authentic creative life and help others to experience the same creative freedom.

I live my passion every day and it creates a messy but amazing creative life 

Exploring my creativity with a variety of art forms gave me freedom of expression, grew my confidence and allowed me to grow and connect with other creatives and in turn deepen my art practice.


Hey there.

I'm a painter and arts educator.

Most evenings and weekends you will find me in my studio collaging, applying paint and mixed media to my paintings. Layering and responding to the emotion of the piece I'm trying to create.

Originally from South Africa,I have lived in Prairie Canada for 20 years. During my studies in painting at Milan Art Institute and my creative workshops in Westman, I've discovered a love of pushing the boundaries of art and trying new techniques to explore my emotions and expand my creative skills. I've been teaching visual arts (specializing in photography) at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba since 2018. I have been teaching paint nights and art-focused workshops since 2016 in my home studio and throughout the community.

"I find fulfillment in the pursuit of creative adventures, trying different forms of art to express myself and expand my artistic knowledge. My work is inspired by the thirst for knowledge, the unique way I see and experience the world and dabbling in various artforms to identify new aspects of my creative style."

I have a Therapeutic Art Certification from Transformation Academy (March 2020) and a Masters Certification in Painting from Milan Art Institute (July 2022). My studio is at home in rural Manitoba where I exhibit and work.

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