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I'm Surien Fourie and I've been practising and teaching painting and creativity for eight years. Through the years, I've experienced all that comes with the creative process - self doubt, personal challenges, feeling like a fraud and the need to see and create the world around me.  This has allowed me to become an effective and skilled instructor.

With dedication, self disciple and a love for creating and sharing my voice, my studio practice is growing and thriving.  I love to share my passion for art with anyone who would listen and have found that I love to teach and experience that 'aha' moment with students when they experience a deeper understanding of their craft. I've created online classes to help students gain a deeper understanding of a variety of artforms and improve their skills and confidence in abstract painting especially. Wherever they are. Whenever they like.


You can develop a strong abstract painting practise through exercises and projects designed to loosen you up and develop your skills. Through black and white exercises we explore ways to think outside of the box, loosening up our practice and improving our skills. We collage using paper we've painted, compositions we've created with charcoal, and pieces we've collaged with pictures and paper. We take our favourite compositions from the exercises and paint them using the compositions as a guide. From there we will paint two more paintings on canvas using varying layered abstract styles.

Layered Abstracts is a new online course that will give you the building blocks and tools to create dynamic layered abstracts. You will strengthen your mark-making, shape and line vocabulary by developing your understanding of the elements of art through dynamic exercises. Your work will grow and develop like never before - as you work through the exercises and push your skills to the next level.




Woman with a Pencil



Abstract Painting




This course consists of three modules with exercises that build upon each other. The video training sessions are pre-recorded so you can access them anytime - and you own the course for life.

Here's a peak at what we will cover:

  • Elements of Art

  • Exercises to loosen up with abstracts in painting, charcoal drawings, collages using paint, pictures and paper

  • Interpreting collages (compositions from exercises) with paint

  • Using colours and compositions to interpret drawings on canvas

Normally, the price for the Layered Abstracts online course is $57. but it is now discounted to $37. Get all of this and more bonus content for only $37 for a limited time only.

 I loved Surien’s Abstract Class. I’ve been a portrait artist for some time now, and didn’t think that I could never create pleasing abstract pieces. Surien flipped that limiting belief on its head and showed me how to combine basic art theory with intuition in a way that made sense to me. I am excited to use what I’ve learned about myself and about the way I create in my work going forward.

– Errin Witherspoon

– Errin Witherspoon

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